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There are many other robust features and tools in Microsoft Visual Studio Key. That makes the software a one-stop-shop for many developers. Furthermore, there is a very robust debugger that can debug at the source level and also at the machine level. And this debugger of Visual Studio is completely integrated there is many other built-in features and tools. Such as code profiler, web designer, database scheme designer. And also the user can build forms for GUI based apps.

Furthermore, the user enhances the power of the Microsoft Visual Studio Serial Key with plugins. Thus, the user can add a plugin to get support for a source control system and also add new toolsets. So, with plugins, the user can easily get editors and visual designers that the user can use for domain-specific languages. And also the user can add toolsets for the other aspects of apps development. Thus, because of these tools and features, Visual Studio is considered to be the best IDE in the world. So, the user can use many specific VS Packages to add support for programming languages.

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